Marco Scabia

Global President ViViPay

During his fifth year in Engineering, Mr. Marco co-founded the e-commerce company in Brazil called Gibraltar, which in 2000 was incorporated by, a Latin American e-commerce company with investors such as Merrill Lynch and Terra and operations in several countries. At 26, he became the Brazilian branch president of the company in which he worked from 2000 until 2005, when it was incorporated by Mercado Libre, a public company (MELI). Mercado Libre is currently the most important digital company in the region. He then cofounded a marketing company that, after a merge in 2014, became the most important live marketing agency in Brazil (AktuellMix); Mr. Marco is still a shareholder in the company. In 2014 in Brazil, he launched the operation of Logan Media, a mobile marketing ad-sales network that is the leading independent company in Latin America and, in three years, became the second-leading player in the country. In 2016, he co-founded DrSintomas (health tech), the first health symptom checker (AI and machine learning) in the region, and in 2017, he was invited to become the chairman of ADH, a public Brazilian startup that has developed InYou, a health solution to promote prevention through habit change.

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